Graphic Design

Graphic design to meet your every need. Ads, brochures, books, posters, or logos, anything you need in print, we'll be glad to help you.

Logos: Examples

Poster: Cisco

Publication: Book Set for Kotlowitz-Admidan Architects
Working portfolio of the company, collection of articles on architecture and interior design, and double spread ads.

Book Set for Kotlowitz-Amidan Architects: Portfolio

Book Set for Kotlowitz-Amidan Architects: Articles

Ads: from Kotlowitz-Amidan Book

Various: Torah in Motion:
Event flyers and posters
Disc covers
TiM brochures

Posters: Spectra Gems
Posters to showcase the company's ware at an international exhibition in Europe.

Publications: Center for Commercial Law, BIU

Publications: Course Books
Annual course book for BIU's continuing education program.

Posters: Continuing Education
Various posters designed for BIU's continuing education program.

Brochure: Tuli Woodcraft
HTML, Javascript and PHP

Presentation: Pizza Hut
Design options for planned new line of restaurants.

Compact Disc: Halamish Ceramics
Catalogue of various products, their dimensions, and Autocad files ready for use by interior designers.

Simulations: Kotlowitz-Amidan
Computer rendered simulations of planned projects, based on drawn perspectives by the architects.

Publications: Law Faculty, BIU

Flyers: Mekorot Institute

Menu: "Pots 'n Wonders" Restaurant